About Acufill

Acufill is a cost effective, non contract, web based subscriber service. A niche solution for Supplier Allocations [Forward Trend and Seasonality adapted], Supply Planning [Fast, Forward Buy In Setting] and Range Performance viewing tool.

Category Range Performance is gauged via a Benchmark based Merchandise Plan which is exported to Excel. All Inputs are simple .csv file formats for POS Data loading, Supplier Stock On Hand, Current Purchase Orders, Range List, Store List and Financial Calendar.

The exported Merchandise Plan, formatted to show Current Range Performance [default sort is Gender Price Point], Weekly Allocation Summary and Closing SOH by Period [User defined horizon setting, 1 forward period upwards]; includes Color coded Performance and Closing Period SOH which default opens in Excel.

Typically, the Weekly Retailer POS data file is uploaded along with current Supplier Warehouse SOH the an allocation run, results viewed and the either Accepted or re-Run. This process; including review of POS data, run and review of Merchandise Plan [check DC low SOH, New SKU trending, etc..] and the Allocation run/review, should take approx. 30 minutes per Category.

Allocation settings are infinite; from generic Global WOC/MPL [Weeks of Cover / Minimum Presentation Level] setting, to individual settings at Store, SKU by either Grade, Group, Range, Price Point or Individual level.

Static settings are saved as Profiles for easy recall each week or can be setup as temporary events . This allows for preset Allocation Profiles to cater for Product launches or Promo ‘pushes’ while leave is taken or Promo date Profiles setup as a reminder of service, i.e. Holiday coverage – “Mikes Holiday Week 1”, or “June Promo send May 27”.

The speed and efficiency of processing the Allocation and the associated Merchandise Plan view/export, bring focus back to product performance analysis, rather than non-value data crunching.

By implementing a color coded BM (Benchmark %), a fast view of priority workload tasking is gained. GREEN [100%+ BM] Best Sellers = reorder, confirm supply re-order levels; YELLOW [100% – 50% BM] Support SKU = reorder/verify support SKU; RED [<50% BM] “DOGS” = RTQ (Run to Quit), Update or Replace.